Wednesday, June 21, 2017


what is most important?
your brain may never be the same!

what will help you remember the main idea? 
surprisingly 5 to 10% of internet users are actually unable to control how much time they spend online.

  • Emotional processing
  • attention
  • decision making 
multi-tasking lowers productivity by 40%
98% of people cant multi-task effectively
multi-tasking lowers IQ by 10 points 
same as a sleepless night
and 2 times worst than smoking weed 

phantom vibration syndrome 
phantom vibration syndrome is the psychological phenomenon where you think you feel your phone vibrate when it hasn't.

In one study,89%  of subjects said they experience this at least once every 2 weeks 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Brain Gym

a)  where we learn new words from.

b) what we can do to help understand what the words mean.

Brainstorm Skills - Vocabulary

  • other people
  • dictionary 
  • movies 
  • books
  • media
  • auto correction
search it up - dictionary internet.
ask - adults,others,peers.

see how it makes sense in a sentence.

Eg my wedding was such a CATOSTROPHY said Bella Swan.

CATOSTROPHY - assume - disasters - mess - unorganized/not neat 

The theme of the novel was discussed in class.

To consider or examine by argument

Once the data has been collected it must be analysed.
To separate into constituent parts

Understand consequences of your actions is likely to affect your behavior.

The effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier

We have all similar perspectives about the issues in our community.

 A technique of depicting volumes

Buying a lotto ticket has potential for financial gain.

Possible, as opposed to actual


- The Police is still continuing to investigate the premises.  

- What's so significant about being his friend.
- we have already seen this method before.
- Ethan ignored Noah's reference to pudginess. 
- Short summary: Damien wants to hunt down the Others.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Body Language - A person who express physical, mental, or emotional and communicates non verbally with others.

Camera Work/Film Technique - different shots and techniques which a film maker uses to make the film of higher quality.

Dialogue - a conversation between two or more people as of a book, play, or film.

Editing - assembling shots into correct sequence.

Lighting - The use of various light source.

Music - Music used in a film to lead the action

Narrator/Voice Over - A piece of narration in a film or broadcast, not accompanied by an image of the speaker.

Special effects - Techniques that creates a illusion of props,camera works and computer graphics.

Structure - The ranging of and connection between the parts or component of something complex

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


  1. I don’t think theyre dressed sensibly for this climate.
  • Do not - don’t

  1. Im sure it wont rain today.

  • Will not - won’t
  1. I wasnt feeling very well yesterday.
  • Was not - wasn’t
  1. She hasnt got enough money to buy a pie.

  • Has not - hasn’t
  1. I havent been swimming this year.
  • Have not - haven’t
  1. I wouldnt swim in that river, its too dangerous.
  • Would not - wouldn’t
  • It is - it’s
I went to Ethan's house last night.
The girls' book.
I went to the beach with my two  friends and my brother came too (two, too, to).
The shop by her house was a good place to buy ice-creams. (bye, buy, by)
The children put their coats over there . (there, their)
I’m not sure whether  or not the weather will be OK for biking in the weekend. (weather, whether)
I  know  I have done no work today. (no, know)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Reading Response

Reading Response

Name: Wikitoria

Text Title:The seahorse and The reef  Author:Witi Ihimaera
Text Type: short story

This written text is about (brief summary and purpose of the work)
whanau and other members of their iwi who regularly go to a special place to collect kaimoana. The text talks about what everyone does when they collect the kaimoana, such as the mothers and the Aunties and the kuia chatting and the children going to a special pool where they look at the ocean life living there. In the pool the kids see lots of creatures, but the main one the text talks about is the starfish.

I really enjoyed this novel/short story/poem/non-fiction work/ article (please circle one) because:
They have an important setting which helps the reader comprehend the idea change.The whale focuses on culture change,and the seahorse and the reef focuses on environmental change.

In particular the plot or character or setting or theme or language features (choose one) interested me because:
The setting in ‘The seahorse and the reef’ was the reef,which has been ruined by pollution.

Overall this text made me re-evaluate/consider/ think/ feel (choose one and provide evidence for your comment)

Witi Ihimaera wrote the seahorse and the reef to highlight another Maori issue.Maori have always been protectors of the land, they look after Papa, and they look after the moana and everything in them. They never take too much, and always have held respect for the land.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pay it forward

Pay it forward- bully scene
Dialogue: kid getting bullied then goes to parents.
Zoom in/out: when he goes around the corner  it zooms up on his face.
Music and Sound: when he gets stabbed.
Camera Angles: when his mum and the teacher runs to him it goes to angles and up.

Pay it forward- ending scene calling all angels
Panning: At the beginning and a zoom up.
Music and Sound: dramatic sounds,when on the couch.
Camera Angles: when they walk out and look at the first boy with candle.
Symbols: creating the whole dramatic scene.

Pay it forward
Zoom in/out: at the beginning of the video one there is an zoom in and out on his face.
Camera Angle: when hes walking up and down the room.
Cross Cutting: between boy and teacher.
Dialogue: Altering the shoot between different kids.